Bill "WooFDriver" Helman has written a library of songs that documents his Husky Dog life experiences, which include training, adventure, and his generations of Husky Dogs! You can learn so much he’s written in his song’s lyrics about The Husky Dog Breed from a real seasoned expert. The songs make it a FUN way to better understand this Wolf like Breed. Because of Bill “WooFDriver” Helman’s Dyslexia (learning Disability) he actually created song versus to learn throughout some of his schooling days to teach himself the subject matter of the classes he was taking. He hopes this can help others educate themselves about these Dogs to help them determine if it’s the right Breed for them and those who already have a Husky to learn training with lifestyle ideas and tips.

You’ve never seen or for that matter heard anything like this as he has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to adventure with generations of Huskies for over a quarter of a century!

The HuskyWhisperer has whispered these words into many musicians ears and they’ve made the music which you can hear here:)