3RS On WooFDriver's PAR Lyrics

The 3Rs are my description and prescription for dogs to help them achieve their all, respond to their call,    curb their enticement to gnaw,  and bad behavior will stall!! So take their paw,  let them haul , you both will have a ball  this is another WooFDriver call!!

Ruff them is to work them and help them define their purpose!! This is so important indeed especially with the working breeds!! This is the seed  for the WooFDriver needs!! The WooFDriver activities are the heart and main part of giving them a routine that has the means to challenge their high energy feed and lead them to meet this feat and beat any boredom streak as it make's their paws weak  and gets their  desire to tweak, from this work to inspire them, to the rest they will need to rejuvenate, that is the ultimate state to accomplish a satisfied and desired dog fate!!

Run them is all about their fun!! They need that as well, to Sniff and explore as their cold nose can find the story from a scent and understand what to expect from the smells and sounds, you know how those hounds senses are so profound.  So on their fun time they should be able to explore the outside and read their finds in their way that only a doggie mind  can define!!  Of course they want to mark their  place  and let the other pups know they have been there in that space!! All of this is important canine ways to stimulate their play and enjoy their day!!

Rest'em is what they need if they got the right balance of fun and work deeds!! A deep sleep is soothing and and smoothing for recovery time so they can be ready for the next time!! A tired hound is a well behaved with his energy and exploring satisfied, he will savor his down time and than can be found sleeping and sound!! You to will feel the fill as you provided your dog with the thrill and can now enjoy the quiet and still!!

The 3Rs to me can help any dog indeed achieve the quality of life that makes it so right!! But still his most important need is to feel your love, partnership,  and praise this will raise all of your pups days!!