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Why do you sometimes use weighgt vests on your dogs? Isn't that cruel? 

So I’m a qualified dog trainer as well and your reasoning is one of the most common mistakes many people make when training a dog not only for their dog’s physical fitness, but behavioral training commands like recall, stay, lay, no, etc…. The miscalculation is that you are equating your emotions with training as you say, “you know what it feels to haul a backpack and how hard it is on your body” well some people actually train with weight vest, and other resistance methods again to achieve many health related benefits, including strengthening to help prevent injury etc… So it’s really not that uncommon to see a human wearing a weight vest, etc. (I’ve trained myself many of years with weight vests) you might not like the idea of it but others may have different beliefs and goals than you. Unlike a sled dog you probably wouldn’t be able to haul about 3 times your on weight. So youå could look at that and think it’s wrong to do but it’s what they are bred to do and actually love it and it’s important to their health that they are given some opportunities to exercise their natural traits and instincts.  Keep in mind with working breed dogs they’ve been bred to do tasks humans for the most part don’t have the capacity to do like a sled dog. With proper training and conditions, Huskies in particular can go more than 50 miles a day as their bodies are designed for this you see unlike humans, they can actually control their metabolism. Click on the DogMotoSports Logo below for more information about sled dogs that you were probably not aware of…

Have you ever had any crashes on your Dog Vehicles? 

Fortunately in almost 30 years of running DogsI have never crashed:) Most of the time we’re going pretty slow (walking pace 4 to 5 mph) when they pick up the pace I am all over the brakes and  prepared for just about anything that being said, of course, anything can happen, but I pride myself on safety:) again I’ve been doing for almost 30 years now running dogs on all different kinds of set ups and I know I’ve been fortunate but also always cautious, so no issues with crashes:)

Do I do the same thing with my dogs all the time? 

I try to change so many aspects up from location to activity and everything in between. Huskies are so intelligent and constantly need to be challenged and I welcome the challenge to satisfy them. I use to say I can wear out any husky! So it’s not only running them but it’s how they like to run and what I mean by that is they, like humans have different personalities and what one of them loves the other may not get as excited about, so I strive to learn them as individuals so I can get them to spill all their energy to fully satisfy them by using a myriad of different methods and changing certain aspects regularly.

How long have I been doing all this? 

I’ve been running dogs on bikes in different formations for almost 30 years now, with multiple generations of huskies! My most recent dogs have been with me doing  this for the past 4 years to 8 months or so. With the equipment I develop it’s all motorized which I’ve been one of the first to do and I’ve developed a lot of the other equipment I use which all makes it really easy to train the dogs to do it. 

What's A Funny Story About What Your Huskies Did? 

Well, you know how vocal huskies are that some of mine actually had the police called on me on one of our adventures when I was harnessing them up as they were talking so much because they wanted to get out of the van to start running. The police said someone called in as they thought we had children in the van and we were doing something to them. The police officer was cracking up when he saw it was just a bunch of huskies carrying on like children as they were so excited:) In fact the responding officer called the K9 commander to come there also and see my van and dog accommodations as he was so impressed with my setup and really thought it was so cool how I travel and run the dogs:) 🤣🤣

How Do You Train To Pull? 

It’s really not too hard, especially with a breed like huskies that have it in their blood to run and pull. The biggest issue really is getting them comfortable to running with a wheel close to them and with you behind them when they feel the weight of the bike… so what I mean by that is sometimes on a leash, they pull your shoulder out but when they feel more resistance, it can take them just a little bit of time to realize they can move it and the resistance they feel isn’t gonna hurt them!

Are Your Crates In Your Van Too Small for Your Huskies? 

The camera angle may be making them look disproportionate but these crates are perfect size for them as they can stand, sit, & stretch perfectly! It’s important to remember you don’t want a travel crate oversized in an accident, because the dog is actually less protected that way. If the crate is too big for the dog it has more space to be thrown around in and is more likely to suffer injury.

Do All Your Dogs Get Along? 

Over almost 30 years of doing this I’ve had my share of issues but through my training and understanding I’ve been able to work through them all! When they’re working is the best time for them to get along because they’re so focused on the task at hand. There can still be issues, but personalities are more likely to clash at home in familiar territory.

Why do I Work/Run/Exercise Dogs on Bikes, Carts, & Sleds? 

Husky breed dogs need to work and have a purpose of what they were bred to do or they become unmanageable and untrainable as they will tear up their surroundings, escape from their home and will kill other animals sometimes near where they live like chickens, small dogs, rabbits etc… then they become considered nuisance dogs and they may be euthanized as a result.  If you study the husky breed you’ll find most will say don’t own a husky if you can’t work/exercise it properly which in itself is a lot of work for the owner/family. Additionally if you understand what I’ve pioneered here in this electric powered dog cart/rig you’ll see it has two design purposes as the dogs can pull if they want or can just run/walk/trot/ with it. Therefore almost all dogs at almost any age can participate and get exercise.  Again it’s electric assist so almost all people at any age and physical condition can do as well and therefore provide a high energy working breed a proper lifestyle they need to have. So, to be frank with you it would be a heck of a lot easier & less expensive for me to leave the dogs at home and ride the trails with this electric powered cart myself… but I choose to bring the dogs because I do all of this for them. I’ve been doing this for close to 30 years now including working with shelters and I know the husky breed through & through!  PLEASE CLICK MY EIGHT BELOW LOGO TO READ MORE ABOUT WHY THIS IS SO IMPORTANT