Electric DogSled On Wheels BLOG

How much weight can a dog pull? 

My rule of thumb is most dogs can comfortably pull about 3x their own body weight if they want to so my dogs here can pull about 600 pounds but 2 of my dogs aren’t hard pullers so their performance is a little bit limited pulling wise over a long run. And that’s why I developed DogMotoSports as I’ve always had a husky or so that’s not a hard puller while balancing that out with a husky that is as I always seem to have 1 or 2 of them:) so I had to find a way to satisfy them all and with the harder pullers they can pull the Electric DogSled On Wheels that you usually see me on and propel it as the other dogs usually just run with it but when excited they will all jet, so it’s really getting the best of all worlds for them:) thie heavier bike (EZMUSH BOARD) even when excited and all dogs engaged the weight and gearing (drag resistance of the bike) definelty will keep my 4 dog team here from propelling it and it allows me to better pace them for going up steep grades. The hard pullers will lean into this bike (their harness) and get some good resistance exercise and the other dogs are just trotting with it, but when excited will lean in and feel some of that resistance also and get some of that exercise as well! You can see all the DogMotoSports Bikes Mentioned Here By Clicking On The DogMotoSports Logo Below:

Dogs Too Close To Each Other? 

They look closer than they actually are but this is the genius of my design that I can adjust the spacing between the dogs on the fly, as sometimes 1 dog can drift into another’s lane. I try to space them to allow for full range of motion for each dog.

Why Is There No Foot Rest For Me? 

As I’m a lifelong martial artist and can seem to contort my body in all kinds of awkward positions believe it or not I’m pretty comfortable like this. It actually gives me the opportunity to get on my feet in a quick second if need be also, I do plan on in the future of possibly adding some foot pegs!

What Happens When A Dog Needs To Go To The Bathroom? 

Actually sled dogs do it on the run as you can’t really stop a big team for every bathroom break. Some of my dogs have picked up on that but being a small team I stop for all them when I see they need to go. The genius of my design is I’ve incorporated spring loaded attachment points where the dogs hook to so if they sudden stop before I notice the spring absorbs some of the pressure and helps a little more gently stop them as it gives me time to react and stop the whole team!

Where Can I Purchase The Electric DogSled On Wheels? 

I built this myself from many years of running dogs, I don't sell but would like to help so many others get involved! So  I have a website page I’ll provide here so you can get some ideas to make something similar. Also on the website is an equipment page that provides links to places you can get a lot of the parts. CLICK DOGMOTOSPORTS LOGO TO LEARN MORE


How Can Dogs Pull All The Weight Of The Electric DogSled On Wheels? 

They are not truly pulling as the rig is motor assist. It’s what I call DogMotoSports so all dogs at almost any age can participate and all peeps  can do it as well even some with physical disabilities. The trail is mostly level and the wheels roll easily also so they can power it some if they want….here’s the breakdown to your question:   the bike is approximately 65 pounds and with dog apparatus I’ve designed about another 25 pounds  accessories and what not another 15 pounds so I would say 100 pounds or so. Add my weight and we are approaching 275ish… 4 dogs are capable of comfortably hauling about 3 times their weight so each dog is about 50 pounds so 150x4 is 600 pounds so the whole setup figuring high is 300 pounds or so. About 1/2 of what they can comfortably pull. Hope that all makes sense:

Why the metal bar not a gangline? 

I developed this whole concept of DogMotoSports (basically electric assist bikes, trikes and other vehicles I can tether the dogs to) as it allows me to run dogs of all different abilities (young & old) to all different areas including real challenging terrain, steep grades etc… as the dogs don’t have to pull or work if they don’t want to as they can just walk/trot/run with the bike. This opens a lot of opportunities as I like to tour the east coast USA and find all kinds of trails to explore with them. Now, I’ve done this for almost 30 years, but usually with the dogs on the side of my bike like rigs and the dogs tethered using a springer bike attachment. I also spent many years working and running dogs on Sacco Carts not sure if you are familiar with them? They use to be popular with mushers to train lead sled dogs as the dogs are attached somewhat similar to the the way I am doing with here but a different design it’s a metal tubing style gangline that  essentially keeps the dog hardwired to the cart so the dog can’t deviate like a gangline would allow.  So my design is similar in that the dogs are essentially hardwired to the bike and can’t deviate so the trails we travel over the east coast we won’t be an issue to other trail users as the dogs are uniform to the bike keeping our footprint narrow and trail manageable! Now when you add the electric assist it makes almost any trail an option for us! CLICK DOGMOTOSPORTS LOGO TO LEARN MORE

What is this rig and bars all about? 

The UBars bars provide tether points for the dogs to attach to as they work with Roading harness they are wearing which makes this a push not a pull type dog sport. This gives us a smaller footprint than a traditional dog sled as it keeps the dogs more in line to prevent them from deviating all over the trail.  Because of this design I created it makes it possible for us to be welcomed on almost any trail as we will not encumber any other trail users as we travel all over the east-coast of the USA to adventure on this rig I have created. CLICK DOGMOTOSPORTS LOGO TO LEARN MORE