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Harness Looks Like IT's Riding Up The Dog Towards The Throat? 

There are 3 points that I use for attachments for different sports on this Roading harness. I am using the 2 side points when I run the dogs on the Electric DogSled On Wheels so the Roading harness is attaching lower then their throat level so its virtually impossible for it to be riding up. When the center point is used if the fit of the harness and the height of the tether point is correct it will not cause the strap to ride up either. In fact I’ve never experienced the strap riding or rising up. When the Roading Harness is fitted properly and tethered at the correct height and angle the chest strap will be below the throat but still high enough on the chest to avoid obstructing or hindering paw (arm & leg) movement for DogMotoSports and therefore distributing the resistance across their body evenly. Again with more pulling sports I would not recommend these harnesses.

Harnesses Look Like They Are Interferring With Dog's Gait? 

It’s so hard to look at a minute or so of a video to determine what is exactly happening an to then try to give advice or evaluate based on that. Remember, I’m out in the field daily with my dogs living with them every single step of their lives.  When sled dogs especially get excited either when they are stopped on a sled and want to go or are mushing and want to go faster or in a different direction they will start jumping, bouncing, twisting almost any erratic movement they can make as they want to go and go as fast as possible! So if sometimes the dog looks a little eratic or the gait seems awkward that’s not necessarily a result of the harness but more of the situation. 

What Kind of Harness are you using for DogMotoSports? 

These are actually working dog harnesses. I understand people's concern as many have never heard or seen these that’s why I am showcasing what I do here. And what I’m harnessing the dogs up to do is called DogMotoSports which I’ve pioneered and it’s based off of the K9 Sport Roading. You see these sports are designed for a kind of a resistance type training. So the dogs are not truly pulling but they are pushing as this harness provides them the design to properly lean into and safely & comfortably push against it. The Roading harness maximizes their pushing power as they are tethered on a relatively short line to avoid them from pulling as it purposely limits their range of motion so they can’t get the leverage to pull. I also run the dogs on bikes different than bikejoring as they are on springers on the side of the bike which this Roading harness works well for also. For true bikejoring and more pulling sports I wouldn’t recommend this harness. A true sled dog pulling harness would be much more appropriate like an xback.  The xback and other specific sled dog harness are designed for dogs to get more range of motion and more leverage so they can engage their whole body for faster speeds and more pulling capacity as this Roading harness does not offer those capabilities. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DOG ROADING HARNESSES