Who is the Lead Dog on your Electric Dog Sled On Wheels? 

This is what is so cool about my design that you don’t actually need a true lead sled dog…but I teach all the dogs sled dog commands as we go through turns, obstacles, and slowing, stopping, etc.. It’s easy to teach obviously because of the set up design they pretty much have to cooperate, so at the same time they’re learning as we are going thorough the motions then when the light bulb goes off in their mind and they understand they can better prepare for what I’m going to do driving wise as I give a command. So I sometimes rotate who’s in the front, back, etc. but it really doesn’t have a big impact on the run. The biggest difference between the front and back is if I’m training new dogs, as it maybe will be a comfort thing to them one way or the other. By the way I almost never have to use the motor on this bike in particular, as we’re doing mostly bike like trails, which are relatively level, so the bike rolls fast and the dogs can pull a little or I can use the motor a little to set us in motion and it pretty much freely roles without a lot of power form them or me:) In the warmer times when it’s more of a walk versus a trot or run than I’ll use the motor more. Also, if there’s a big distraction and I need to keep them going, maybe like in this video a dog or something I can run the motor a little bit to keep the momentum going to get the heck out of dodge if you know what I mean:)  but most of the time I’m actually braking more than anything to balance the dogs speed as some like to go faster than others.