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You say your Huskies are trained off-leash so why do you hold them by their harness in parking areswhen you are hooking them up to mush? 

in a parking lot in an area like we are here I’ll still keep my hands on them always:) also, once they are fully trained when we come by more remote areas, I can take them off the sled on wheels for a little bit of adventuring in the woods and access to waterways we come by… Here’s some videos of how I’ve done it with previous generations of my husky families:

How Can You Let Your Huskies Off-Leash? 

I've trained all my huskies for the past almost 30 years off leash and I rent farm areas where I run them as I drive an ATV and they chase me and I chase them it’s so cool! But I always recommend others to never have them off-leash as they are runners! I’ve been trained by a master Shutzhund Trainer (German K9 Protection work that the police and military use) so I’ve got a really good training regiment with them so I am able to get my huskies to cooperate, no easy task! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS OF WOOFDRIVER FREE-RANGING



Do I Ever Let My Huskies Off-Leash? 

 I actually train huskies to free range  but a husky like other working breeds actually need more stimulation than that! If you do some research, you’ll find huskies are one of the most abandoned & surrendered breeds because people thinking as you have stated that they don’t need to work, and then wind up, not being able to handle them because with out an outlet to do what they have in their blood and were bred to do, they are unmanageable and untrainable!